Jennifer Amelie is a German artist who lives, works, and creates in her adopted home of Zurich, Switzerland. Her background in dance and film is everywhere in her work as an illustrator. Her drawings have a strong suggestion of movement that invites you to see the world as she does: beautiful, nuanced, light-filled, and in constant motion.

Jennifer tells stories, whether her own or those of other makers, through richly detailed images. Using a variety of tools, including digital and mixed-media painting, is close to her heart. Jennifer’s illustrations have more than a hint of nostalgia and fantasy, drawing you in, and making you long to live in the whimsical worlds she creates. 

Jennifer is a practising advocate for sustainable living. When she’s not drawing or reading, you can find her tending to her ever-expanding rooftop garden, hiking in the Swiss alps, or swimming in the many lakes and rivers at her doorstep.  

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